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Self- Portrait 1934 Oil on Canvas 98 x 76 cm

1917    Maria Genoveva Brandt is born in Caracas.

1927    At ten she writes poems in school copybooks and illustrates them with great ability.

 1932    Federico Brandt her father  dies at 54 on the July 25th.

 1936-37    Travels to Chile.

 1939-43    Studies at the School of Plastic and Applied Arts of Caracas.  Directed by Antonio Edmundo Monsanto.

 1940    Protests against the teaching methods of the Art School with Alejandro Otero, Carlos Cruz Diez, Virgilio Trompiz, Pascual Navarro, Mateo Manaure y Reina Herrera. Eventualy has to sign a document to keep the discipline and accept the plan of study.

 1941    Participates with the work Calas oil on Canvas as a student in the II Official Annual  Venezuelan Art Show at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas. Receives an Honor Mention Award.

 1942    Participates with the work Flores, oil on Canvas  in the III Official Annual  Venezuelan Art Show at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas. Receives an Honor Mention Award.

 1943     IV Official Annual  Venezuelan Art Show. at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas with the work Flores, Paisaje de San Bernardino, Traje Negro y la Cartera oil on canvas. Meets Manuel Villanueva the writer and marries him. Travels to Lima Peru where he is Director of the Press Office of the Venezuelan Embassy in Peru. Illustrates the book of poems Canto en la Guerra by Manuel Villanueva published this year.

 1944    V Official Annual  Venezuelan Art Show  at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas with three Oils Flores Cabeza and Naturaleza Muerta. Meets the Peruvian Artist Fernando de Szyzslo. Mariadela her first Child is born in Lima.

 1945    Returns to Caracas. VI Official Annual Venezuelan Art Show. at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas with three Oils Paisaje Peruano Flores y Patio.

 1946    Travels to Italy and settles in Rome with her family. Her husband became the first secretary to the Venezuelan Embassy in Rome. Becomes friend of Ana Salvatore an Italian artist  who participated in shows of Italian realistic art and influence Mary’s work of the time. VII Official Annual Venezuelan Art Show at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas. with four  Oils Gallos ,Rosas and two portraits.

 1947    First Individual Show at the Currazzi Gallery in Rome. Her son Federico is born in Rome.

1949    Visits the show of Kasmir Malevich in Rome and gets very interested in Abstraction.

 1950    Returns to Venezuela. Family group show with her father Federico Brandt and sister Julia at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas.

1951    Travels to Geneva. Switzerland.    XII Official Annual Venezuelan Art Show at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas. with three Oils. Naturaleza Muerta, Composicion y Naturaleza Muerta. Gets the Jose Loreto Arismendi Award.

1952    Returns to Venezuela. Lives in Caracas and travels on short trips to Europe.

1953    XIV Official Annual Venezuelan Art Show at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas. With three Oils Composiciones.

1954    Her daughter Ana Isabel, (Ani Villanueva) is born in Caracas.

1957    Individual Show at  the Sala Mendoza in Caracas  17 paintings titled Composicion and 9 drawings of animals. She kept her figurative expression in her drawings parallel to her research and transformation in her paintings. Her son Carlos Manuel is born in Caracas.

1958    First Christmas Art Fair in the Museum of Fine Arts MBA Caracas. Small and Valuable Formats in Venezuelan Art  show at the Sala Mendoza Caracas.

1960    Living Spaces Show Palacio Municipal Maracaibo. First informalist show in Venezuela. 1960 Experimental Show. Sala Mendoza Caracas.

1961    Venezuelan Painting 1661-1961. Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas.

1962    Learns pottery at Maria Luisa Tovar’s workshop in Caracas.

1963    Individual Show of 26 numbered and untitled paintings. Museum of Fine Arts. MBA Caracas.

1963-64 Studies Engraving on Metal at Elisa Elvira Zuloaga’s workshop.

1965    Teaches painting in her studio Miguel Otero Silva’s collection show. At the Fine Arts Museum. MBA Caracas the two paintings of hers were donated to the National Gallery Collection GAN and to the Museum of Anzoategui.

1966  One of her paintings becomes part of the collection of The Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. Holland.

1967    Individual show of 33 drawings at the Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas. Hedendaagse Graftishe Kunst in Venezuela group show in the Venezuelan Embassy in Holland.

1968    Venezuelan Engraving Annual Show. Sala Mendoza Caracas.

1970    Collaborates and participates in Diego Barbosa’s Performance 30 girls in nets. Trafalgar Square London.

1971Individual show Mary Brandt Drawings to Read. Estudio Actual  Gallery Caracas.Moves to Amsterdam Holland with her husband and family.

1972    Individual Show  Objetos Inutiles/Useless Objects 30 paintings made between 1970/72 Sala Mendoza Caracas.

Group Show Venezuelan Abstract Art .Midland Group Gallery. Nottingham England.

1973     Moves to Budapest Hungary with her husband and family.

1975    Individual Show 46 drawings .Sala Mendoza. Caracas. Group Show The Venezuelan Women in Art organized by United Nations and the Central Bank of Venezuela. Central Bank Gallery . Caracas.

1976    Returns from Hungary and lives in Caracas. Co- Founder of the TAGA. Workshop of Associated Graphic Artists in Caracas.

1977    Group Show Drawings and Watercolours. Sala Mendoza Caracas.Individual Show Telas Rabiosas/Angry Canvases . 30 Paintings . Sala Mendoza Caracas.

1978    Group Show Bolivar Nueva Imagen. National Museum of Bogota. Colombia.

1979    Teaches Drawing and Composition at Neuman Institute of Design. Caracas.

1981    Invited to the First National Biennial of Visual Arts. Fine Arts Museum MBA Caracas

1982    Individual Show Ventanas al Tiempo/ Windows to Time .Sala Mendoza. Caracas. Collaborates in her daughter’s(Ani Villanueva) performance Cuadro Movil/ Mobile Painting. Sala Mendoza Caracas.

1984    Individual Show Mary Brandt 1984 Paintings and Drawings. Contemporay Art Museum . MACSI Caracas.

1985    Dies in Caracas on December 16th at 68.

1990    An edition of engravings is printed at the Taga under the supervision of Luisa Palacios. Individual Show Drawings and Paintings of Mary Brandt. Sala Mendoza Caracas.

1995    Individual Show Mary Brandt Pinturas Dibujos y Grabados. National Gallery. GAN Caracas.

2000    Group Show Los Brandt. Galeria de la Fundacion Banco  Provincial Caracas

2005    Group Show El Informalismo. Galeria 8.000 Caracas




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