It's completed and in place.  To see it click here: Together

The first weekend: September 27 and 28.

This is the prototype not the finished piece.

Sally, Mike and I started the process of cleaning and sealing the poles in preparation for the assembly process.  Working under the big ficus trees near the entrance to the new visitor center is perfect.  The canopy of these giant trees echo some of the same sentiments as the bamboos we are working on.  It's been rainy and humid.

The poles had quite an accumulation of mold and dirt so that was the first project.  Get 'em clean. 

Steve was invaluable in harvesting Ventricosas.  Unfortunately we couldn't get enough poles to make the second sculpture so we are drying what we got and will make a new design when they're cured.  3 months or so.

Second weekend:  October 4th and 5th:

Kim and Paula stringing the poles together.  Probably the hardest part of the whole process.

The two halves are finished and are waiting to be transported, stood up and anchored down.  To be continued.

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