• Guided hike up the mountain.  This is a guided tour focused on the abundance of wildlife and natural splendor unique to this habitat and region.  Waterfalls, rivers, butterflies, birds, lizards, mammals, insects too numerous to name abound. We are constantly monitoring the health of the ecology and will be doing surveys as well.
  • Swim and sunbathe in the Choroni river.
  • Snorkel the local and offshore reefs.
  • Body surf and sunbathe on the Playa Grande.
  • Take a fishing boat to the outer islands for a day of swimming snorkeling and exploring.
  • Hike out to a secluded beach.
  • Sunset by the sea and dinner in town.
  • Buy fish off the local fishing boats.
  • See the calendar for the schedule of special local events.
  • Witnessing and taking part in local cultural events some dating back to Colonial times.
  • Tour the sites and culture of Caracas before heading for the rain forest.
  • Dinner with local residents to see this place from their perspective.
  • Boat to Sepe and hike to view the ancient Petroglyphs.
  • Deep sea fishing from local open fishing skiffs.
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